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п»їGym: 10 tips to get the most out of it |
Crushing yourself in the gym and not getting the expected results is the direct way to leave it. But before leaving we give you 10 tips to get the most out of the gym and, above all, to work your head. Fitness is the best alternative to get fit and, although we think that the problem is in the devices, the truth is that the results depend directly on the use we make of them. Simple changes will help us to recover the figure and, above all, to make our classes in the gym profitable.
It's not about sweating until exhaustion or crushing us for hours. Physical exercise, to achieve good results, depends largely on how we work our body and the use we make of gym equipment. The data leaves no doubt. It is estimated that four out of ten people stop going to the gym during the first year. The reason? Not achieve the expected results. But before giving up or changing habits, it is advisable to take into account a series of simple tips and, above all, correct some of the most common mistakes when using the devices.
Decalogue of tips for the gym Take note to get visible results of our work in the gym:
Adapt the training to your obligations and daily chores. Going to the gym should not be understood as an obligation, as this will only increase our stress and frustration.
We must adopt a weekly routine and avoid beating ourselves to recover lost days.
It is important to supervise with your trainer the exercise plan to adapt it to your progress and needs.
If you are bored or stuck in the exercises, consult with the coach or monitor to make the most appropriate changes. It is not convenient to change the exercise program without consulting it.
Avoid copying the work or exercise program of the rest. We each have our needs and it is our own body that sets the pace of each one.
Our coach should know our medical history to help us plan the most appropriate plan and avoid exercises that may be counterproductive.
Remember that physical work does not start and end in the gym. Climbing stairs or walking are also two ideal options to combine.
Being competitive and aiming for new goals is good. Record your results and try to overcome them in the following sessions.
Take care of hydration, otherwise physical exercise can be harmful to the body.
You have to enjoy in the gym. If we don't find it stimulating or not having fun, we can fall into monotony and end up abandoning.
Most common mistakes Using the devices well is essential to work our body. However, there are a number of common mistakes:
Tape: It's about working more intensity than with effort. The trick: once a month get on the tape for 12 consecutive minutes - you can't stop, but you can walk - and write down the result; The challenge for the next month will be to overcome the brand. The tape improves, among others, aerobic endurance.
Vibrating platform: Used correctly helps improve muscle tone, fight cellulite and reduce stress. It is advisable to always use it with advice since the vibrations can be counterproductive in cases, for example, of diabetes, hernia, epilepsy or cardiovascular pathologies.
Oars: An hour of exercise can help us burn more than 600 calories, but it requires a minimum of technique to achieve good results. It helps improve aerobic capacity and puts 70% of our muscles to work. It helps to reduce stress.
Weights: The most advisable thing is to use small loads and repetitions to tone the muscles and lose weight.
Static bike: Spinning is one of the most fashionable techniques. It helps to harden the muscles, buttocks and legs and helps to lose weight. It is convenient to alternate the rhythms to get more out of it.
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